It's a vibe <3

Every Swiss person knows the term "HUEREGEIL" and yes, it's totally slang, but still quite a few of us use the word and it has become more and more established because it simply stands for the ultimate best feeling :)) "HUEREGEIL" in English: "F****** awesome" 

And whether you find the products, life or yourself HUEREGEIL - just go for it and feel it!

By the way, there is deliberately no division into men's and women's fashion, because this division is outdated, not inclusive and we believe everyone should wear what suits them personally <3


Production with heart

The products are produced as sustainably as possible and improvements are constantly being sought. There is specific information to the products in the description, but roughly speaking: The shirts are made of bamboo material and the bags are made of hemp.

The bags are made by women in the Langa township in Cape Town. Of course fair prices are paid. The poverty in South Africa (my second home) is a big problem and many people would like to have more work. It's "a drop in the bucket", but at least we can contribute a bit of work with HUEREGEIL.

Of course you are also welcome to donate directly ;) Here is their website: https://sinakholssdc.co.za

The bamboo garments are made in Indonesia by https://www.bakiclothing.com since 2023. They also have a charitable background, try to do good for local society and make the market happy with more sustainable products.

HUEREGEIL production with heartHUEREGEIL production with heart

Bamboo Fabric Benefits


The face behind

Hi :) I'm Dominique Rinderknecht, a Zürichind (meaning I'm from Zurich, Switzerland) and partly living in Cape Town, South Africa. To summarize who I am and what I do: I stand for full equality in every respect, I love being creative, e.g. making jewelry or sewing my own clothes. I've got a sailing silence ;) and I love dancing!

And: Fashion is an absolute passion of mine!

Dominique Rinderknecht by Ellin Anderegg

(Copyright photo by Ellin Anderegg)


The story behind

"HUEREGEIL" has always been my go-to word. Of course, my father wasn't really happy about me using that slang expression - but by now he is using it too ;) 

As a child and teenager I was very creative but somehow I lost touch with this part of me over the years - I guess because our society is very safety-oriented and not so much about following your purpose. At least back then, I feel like times are changing :)

After completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Zurich and making the most of my year as Miss Switzerland, I focused on my career as a public figure and was (and still am) sometimes an activist especially when it’s about women empowerment and LGBTQIA+.

In 2021 I came South Africa and felt the urge of being creative and finally just try and do what I've always wanted to. So I started a sewing course, learnt how to make screen prints, became a goldsmith. And in June 2022 I launched HUEREGEIL.

By the way, the logo also has a little story behind. It wasn't simply created by a graphic designer, but rather arose from a piece of jewellery. When I started making jewelry, I made a ring and hammered HUEREGEIL into it. The logo is an image of this ring. Here's a picture of the flattened ring to give you a better idea:

Logo inspiration ring HUEREGEIL


The 1st pieces..

  • Empower yourself!

    HUEREGEIL stands for empowerment, in many ways.. Life offers so many beautiful sides - show it if you find it HUEREGEIL ;)
    And: Be YOU & have some fun being you!
    Be proud of yourself - yes, you can also find yourself HUEREGEIL :P
  • Sustainable happymakers <3

    HUEREGEIL products should be happymakers!
    They are made with love, are of high quality, are produced with sustainable materials and the print is not always to be taken too seriously ;)
  • Love wins!

    HUEREGEIL stands for full equality, every person should be allowed to be themselves and have the same rights as everyone else. And don't forget:
    Love wins!
    Give love - everyone else, your environment, nature, animals & but also yourself
    xx Dominique

It's a vibe <3